20 July 2019   17. Zul Qadah 1440
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JEDDAH: Up to 25,000 Hajj pilgrims in Mina this year will be issued wearable high-tech smart cards in a pilot programme being launched by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah.

Saudi Arabia’s Council of Ministers urges pilgrims not to engage in political acts

MAKKAH — The Emir of Makkah Prince Khaled Al-Faisal, who is also the chairman of the Central Hajj Committee...

Many patients that travel to the ARV and HIV Clinic at the R K Khan Hospital in Chatsworth, Durban leave home in the early hours of the cold winter mornings to find a place in the long queues for medical attention.
Q: Is it permissible to make Qurbani before the Eid Salah?
Q: Is it permissible to make Qurbani during the night?

ABOUT 240 young eThekwini residents received a life changing opportunity after the City permanently employed 205 Metro police officers and 35 firefighters.

TOKYO: While most world powers either intervene reluctantly in Middle Eastern affairs or avoid the region altogether, Japan’s Foreign Minister Taro Kono is actively advocating a bigger political role for his country in the Arab world.

Since 2014 Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre (DHC) has been arranging Iftaar meals at masjids and musallahs in the greater Durban region.

Saudi Arabian King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud stated on Sunday that 1,000 Palestinian pilgrims are to be hosted for the annual Hajj

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  • Zakaah Nisaab: R4561.17

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  • Thursday, 1 August 2019
    Zul Hijjah Moon Sighting