23 September 2019   23. Muharram 1441
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Taraweeh Summary

Taraweeh SummaryThis summary of the sixteenth Tarawîh covers the Seventeeth Juz.

Beginning of the Seventeeth Juz

The next Sûrah is Sûrah Ambiyâ, which derives its name from the fact that it mentions a series of Ambiyâ. The Sûrah also cautions people against being negligent about Qiyâmah and the reckoning on that day. Allâh mentions that the Qur'ân contains every type of advice and explanation for mankind. Men therefore have a choice before them and should anticipate the consequences of their acts.

Taraweeh SummarThis summary of the seventeeth Tarawîh covers the Eighteenth Juz.

Beginning of the Eighteenth Juz

These concluding words of Sûrah Haj draw the seventeenth Juz to a close and open Sûrah Mu'minûn. At the beginning of Sûrah Mu'minûn, Allâh describes those Mu'minîn whose beliefs are correct, who worship Allâh diligently and are also particular about fulfilling the rights of others. In describing the qualities of the Mu'minîn, Allâh exhorts all the Mu'minîn that they should sincerely worship Him, fulfil the promises and pledges they make with others and abstain from all acts of lechery. These are among the acts that will lead to eternal success.

Taraweeh SummaryThis summary of the eighteenth Tarawîh covers the Nineteenth Juz.

Beginning of the Nineteenth Juz

Allâh tells Rasulullâh Salallâhu 'alayhi wasallam that he should not be distressed about the harassment of the Kuffâr because "Your Rabb suffices as a Guide and a Helper." (verse 31)

Taraweeh SummaryThis summary of the 20th Tarawîh covers the Twenty-first Juz; which is made up of part of Sûrah Ankabût, the entire Sûrah Rûm, Sûrah Luqman, Sûrah Sajdah, and a part of Sûrah Ahzâb) (up to verse 30).

Beginning of the Twenty-First Juz

Allâh addresses Rasulullâh juz saying. "Recite that of the Book, which has been revealed to you and establish Salâh. Verily Salâh forbids from obscenity and evil." (verse 45)

Taraweeh SummaryThis summary of the nineteenth Tarawîh covers the Twentieth Juz.

Beginning of the Twentieth Juz

Allâh also declares, "Say, 'None in the heavens and the earth has knowledge of the unseen besides Allâh. They (others besides Allâh) do not even know when they will be resurrected (for the Day of Qiyâmah)" (verse 65). None besides Allâh has knowledge of when Qiyâmah will take place. However people are assured that "Indeed your Rabb knows what their hearts conceal and what they disclose." (verse 74)

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