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Do not Harm Others

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Allah Ta’ala loves His creation. Allah Ta’ala cannot see any harm … physically or mentally … being inflicted to anyone. This is more especially to a Believer, one who has declared Wahdãniyyat of Allah (Azza wa Jalla) --- i.e. the Oneness of Allah (Shaanuhu).

An often quoted hadith states that a Muslim is he, who is safe from another Muslim’s tongue and hands. It would suffice to say that a Muslim is protected from the harms of another’s speech, such as backbiting, slander, vile and vulgar talk, bad-mouthing, etc. Similarly, it is reprehensible to use any force, physical violence and abuse, bodily harm, etc. against any Muslim.

In a more explicit warning, Nabi (Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said that the worst of punishment on the Day of Qiyãmat will be meted out to that person who had committed heinous crimes and punished other people in this world.

Indeed, a severe warning for us to restrain ourselves from harming others.
Nabi (Salallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) almost always opted a stance of being much gentle, kind, All-embracing and accommodating, without compromising the Shariah.

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