24 May 2019   18. Ramadan 1440
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Status of Imam Abu Hanifah (RA) (part3)Yahya Ibn Ma’een (Rahimahullah) mentions from his teacher Yahya Ibn Sa’eed Al–Qattaan (Rahimahullah) that he said, “We have not heard better opinions than Abu Haneefa’s. And we take most of his opinions.”

Status of Imam Abu Hanifah (RA) (part2)There is really no need of addressing the topic of Imam Abu Hanifah’s knowledge of Hadith because there is a unanimous opinion (Ijima’) of the scholars that he was a Mujtahid [(a legist formulating independent decisions in legal or theological matters based on the interpretation and application of the four Usool (Quran, Hadith, Ijma’, i.e. scholarly consensus, and Qiyaas (i.e. analogical reasoning) as opposed to a Muqallid)].

 By Shaykh Abu ‘Umar ’Irfan KabeeruiddinThe Introduction
The reason why I wrote this article is because I saw in one of the local newspapers that a question was posed with regards to Imam Abu Hanifah (Rahimahullah) and in the answer that was given it mentioned something that can put people in doubt in regards to Imam Abu Hanifah’s status in Hadith. So I felt that there was a need to call up the editor and speak to him about this issue. When I called him he told me, after apologising about it, to write something to establish the status of Imam Abu Hanifah (Rahimahullah) in Hadith so he can publish that. So I wrote this brief article in regards to Imam Abu Hanifah (Rahimahullah) Really everyone agrees about Imam Abu Hanifah’s piety and that he was a very big Faqeeh and Mujtahid of the past, born in Khairul Quroon (the best of eras), but with regards to Hadith, some people have doubts and some people say something. That is why I restricted myself in this article only to this topic.

The Author
About the Author -
By Shaykh Abu ‘Umar ’Irfan Kabeeruiddin
The author completed Dowrah Hadith (Al – ‘Aalimiya) in Darul ’Uloom Karachi and did one year extra Hadith after that. At that time he studied from some of the famous Shuyookh of Hadith in Pakistan, especially mentioning a few, Moulana Mufti Shaikhul Hadith Sahbaan Mahmood (Rahimahullah), who taught Bukhari for 35 years and Moulana Shamsul Haq (Rahimahullah) who was the special student of Moulana Idris Kandhlawi (Rahimahullah). The author also studied under Moulana Mufti Taqi Usmani (Damat Barakatuhu) who is a famous scholar in today’s times.

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