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The Crown of a Believer

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crown of the beleiverAt a time when more and more Muslim men are discarding wearing the topi [Islamic cap] especially in Salaah, this book should be made easily available to educate and encourage men to wear topis in Salaah.

The book is well-researched and superbly presented. The explanation of each of the sub-headings sufficiently and precisely covers the subject matter.

In essence the book establishes the wearing of the topi as a Sunnah and special reference has been made to the significance of wearing the topi and the importance of covering the head when performing Salaah. The author’s primary aim is to negate as baseless claims made by some people that covering the head has no place in Islam. In addition, the author has gone to great lengths in the description of the different types of topis as mentioned in the collection of the Ahadith quoted in this brilliant piece of work.

Name of Book: The Crown of a Believer

Author: Moulana Husain Kadodia

Publisher: Zam Zam Publishers

Edition: 2002 - Revised 2003

Number of Pages: 127


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