09 July 2020   17. Zul Qadah 1441
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A Gift for Muslim Women

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A Gift for Muslim WomenThe book has its origins in the author contributing written articles to the monthly Al-Balagh magazine which readers found very interesting. Although the book is voluminous, the information it stores is worth its weight in gold.

Women have a very responsible role to play in society. In fact the first day of a child’s Madrasah life is on the lap of the mother. The nurturing and upbringing of the child as well as the domestic life puts an indomitable sense of responsibility on her life.

Women have played an integral part in the history of Islam, and have made many sacrifices. The first individual to convert to Islam was a woman, Hazrat Khadija [RA]. The first martyr in Islam was a woman – Hazrat Sumayya [RA] … and the list goes on.

The book is an excellent tutorial exposition of the essentials for the mother, daughter and women in general. The Ahadith in Arabic and the translation with explanation in English add to the wealth of knowledge the book stores for the reader. Readers will enjoy the flow in the simple language and the easy reference to a wide selection of topics.

Name of Book: A Gift for Muslim Women

Author: Moulana Ashiq Elahi Madani [RA]

Publisher: Idara-e-Islamiat

Translators: Shakir Rizwani & Professor Riaz Hussain

Edition: 1999     

Number of Pages: 931



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