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Sata'at (Book Review)

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Book Review

Book Review

Name of Book: Sata'at

Author: Shah Waliyullah Muhaddis Dehlawi

Translator: G N Jalbani

Publisher: Kitab Bhavan

Edition: 1992

Pages: 54

Shah Waliyullah (RA) was one of the great giants of the Indian Continent. Among his famous works is Sata'at – a short book on mystical philosophy.

The book deals with the life after death and the system of Divine manifestations working in the universe. Shah Saheb essentially believed in the doctrine of “Unity of being” which is the central focus of his writings.

The book is no ordinary one. The terms and theme have an intellectual dimension. The book is richly quoted with Ayaats of the Noble Quran which support the author's arguments. Researchers should find the book interesting.


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