14 December 2019   16. Rabi-us-Thaani 1441
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The Islamic Law of Succession (Book Review)

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Book Review

Book Review

Name of Book: The Islamic Law of Succession

Author: M.S Omar

Publisher: Butterworth Publishers

Edition: 1998

Pages: 105

The laws of succession and the distribution of wealth are fundamentally important and form an integral part of our Shariah.

The author has made an academic presentation of the Islamic Shariah laws on inheritance together with its application in terms of the South African law. The book is basically divided into two parts. Part one deals with the scope and application of the Islamic Law of Succession with the South African legal system; and part two deals with the substantive rules of the Islamic Law of Succession. The examples are well illustrated by means of diagrams.


It is an excellent book with a deep understanding of the subject matter - a scholarly work ideal for students of Deen as well as readers interested on the topic.


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