06 December 2019   8. Rabi-us-Thaani 1441
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The Musalman (Book Review)

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Name of Book: The Musalman

Author: Moulana S. Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi [RA]

Publisher: Academy of Islamic Research and Publications

Translator: Mohiuddin Ahmed

Edition: 1977

Number of Pages: 118

The Musalman is a very simple and informative book designed to portray the life of Muslims living mainly in India. Since Muslims and Hindus live side by side and participate in many social gatherings and share other matters, the author felt that there was a need to create a bond and understanding between them.

The simple and easy style adopted by the author is an advantage to the ordinary reader – after all the purpose is to reach as many people as possible. The book can also serve as a good book for reverts to Islam.

Ideally the book could be introduced to non-Muslims living in non-Muslim countries side by side with Muslim minorities as information about Muslims and Islam in general.


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