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History of Muslims in South Africa. A Chronology. (Book Review)

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Name of Book: History of Muslims in South Africa. A Chronology.

Author: Ebrahim M. Mahida

Publisher: Arabic Study Circle

Edition: 1993

Number of Pages: 154

Over three centuries ago the first Muslim arrived in South Africa. Today, the Muslim population just about tops the million mark.

Although a minority, Muslims have contributed tremendously, economically and socially. Therefore their history over the years is significant and offers a rich background. In order to sustain our heritage and offer the generations to come a true identity of Muslim contribution in South Africa, the author has in fact done a favour to the Muslim Community in compiling some important historical data. It is probably the first of its kind about Muslims in South Africa. Every South African Muslim is encouraged to know something about their short history in the country they live.

The book gives a general overview of the Muslim community, institutions, personalities and events that helped to promote Islam on South African soil.

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