25 January 2020   28. Jumad-ul-Ula 1441
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Ma'arif-e-Mathnavi (Book Review)

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NAME OF BOOK: Ma'arif-e-Mathnavi

AUTHOR: Moulana Jalaluddin Rumi (RA)

COMMENTARY BY: Hakim Muhammed Akhtar Saheb [D.B]

PUBLISHER: Majlise Isha'atul Haq


PAGES: 267


Ma'arif-e-Mathnavi is a commentary of selected chapters of the great and famous Moulana Jalaludin Rumi [R.A], from his masterpiece entitled Mathnavi-e-Rumi. Hakim Akhtar Saheb [D.B] undertook a gigantic task to compile this book, having selected some of the 28,000 verses of poetry. It was no easy task to simplify the writings of Moulana Rumi [RA] as it was originally written in the Persian language.

It is an excellent presentation, which is divided into various topics. Each one is a subject in itself, and in this manner themes have been aptly connected. Many of the verses of poetry expand on the different topics of Tassawuf. The book is illustrated with excellent stories followed by a "lesson" that elucidates the story, which is indeed thought provoking and a means of attaining virtues for the heart and soul.

There is no doubt that the book will Insha-Allah engross the reader deeply into the inspirational values of the content matter. Indeed the book offers a wealth of knowledge injected by the carefully selected stories from which the reader derives solace and a multitude of blessings.    

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