21 January 2020   24. Jumad-ul-Ula 1441
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Intermingling of the sexes

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This concise but yet valuable book was a speech presented over Radio Riyadh. Since it was very well received by many local people, the University of Riyadh took the initiative to publish it.

Western ideologies have built a culture of intermingling and an open society where prevention of both sexes mixing freely is considered as gender inequality. On the contrary, Islam totally prohibits mixing of males and females at all levels of society and especially at family functions – this is apart from the normal handshake of two strangers [of opposite sexes] - the meeting of the eyes is haraam and totally prohibited. To this end, the book explicitly mentions the position of the hijab of women and the prohibition of freely mixing between both sexes.

Although the book may not be very useful as research material on the subject matter, however, it does serve to convey a clear message which is essentially the purpose of the book. The book will do well to be distributed at gatherings and functions with the hope that Muslims understand the grave implications of intermingling of both sexes and its total ban.

Name of Book: Intermingling of the sexes

Author: Sheikh Muhammad bin Lutfi

Publisher: Madrasah Arabia Islamic

Translator: Moulana Mohamed Mahomedy

Edition: 1994    

Number of Pages: 32

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