07 June 2020   14. Shawwal 1441
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One Minute Madrassah

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Rapid and continuous progress in the field of technology especially modern electronic media has eroded our moral, cultural and religious values. Muslims are confused as well as desperate, the greatest difficulty being lack of time.

In order to assist the Muslim Ummah in the shortest possible time, one minute sacrificed daily will ensure a spiritual upliftment and fortification of Islamic morals in our house holds. The compiler, a great and renowned Aalim, who has dedicated his life to the service of Islam, has simplified  the learning in the form of 5 topics:

1] Translation of Salaah 2] One Sunnah 3] One major sin 4] The harms of sins 5] The benefits of obedience and worship.

These topics are discussed in 120 lessons, if done daily, it should be completed in a period of ± 4 months. This Kitaab is a must for daily Ta'leem at home, Masjids, Madrasahs, etc. and anyone desirous to have a better understanding of Islam but cannot find the time, will find it very beneficial.

Name of Book:   One Minute Madrassah

Compiler : Moulana Shah Hakeem Akhtar Saheb  

Translator: Madrasah Arabia Islamia  

Publisher: Rightway Publications  

Number of Pages: 128  

First Edition: 2003

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