08 July 2020   16. Zul Qadah 1441
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Umar Faruq (RA)

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Umar Faruq (RA)The biographies of the Great Caliphs are always an inspiring read and a learning of the history of Islam.

The book, although compact and brief, gives an account of the many facets of the life of this noble and great personality in the context of the historical background of the time.
Umar Faruq (RA) - the daring soldier, just ruler and pillar of Islam - is revealed to us in what is a very readable book.

Title:                Umar Faruq (RA)
Author:           Abdur Rehman Shad
Revision:         Abdul Hameed Siddiqui
Publisher:       Kazi PublicationsTranslator: Abdur Rehman Shad
Pages:             95

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