25 January 2020   28. Jumad-ul-Ula 1441
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Book Reviews

The Brides BoonThis book clearly explains the way to a happy marital life. The author points out certain issues important to every one who marries, and with which many wives in particular have been tested.

hisn e haseenHisne Haseen is probably the most acclaimed and recognized book of various supplications. It is an authentic and comprehensive collection of duas for every occasion acquired from the Ahadeeth of our beloved Nabi [sallallahu alaiyhi wasallam].

Furu’–ul–Iman Iman is the closest and most important component of our Faith. There are basically seventy-seven branches of Iman of which thirty are related to the heart [qalb], seventy are related to the tongue and the balance of the forty deals with the other parts of the body.

Life and Mission of Moulana Mohammad IlyasThe author starts of by mentioning a detailed background & life history of Maulana Mohammed Ilyas (R), a very dedicated scholar of Deen.

differences of imamsIf the Imaams of the four schools (madhahib) established all of their rulings from the Quran and Sunnah, why then have they differed on so many issues?

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