06 July 2020   14. Zul Qadah 1441
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Book Reviews

Desire for the AakhirahThe life of the hereafter is the final abode and it is in the heart of every mu'min to yearn and desire for a life of felicity in the Aakhirah. Hence, this book enables the reader to comfort his thoughts towards his permanent home – Jannah. It also focuses on diminishing the love of this world and thereupon indoctrinating the love of the hereafter.

Meaning and Message of the TraditionsThis is a translation of the famous and acclaimed book on the Ahadeeth of Nabi [صلى الله عليه و سلم] "Ma'riful Hadeeth", compiled by a great and renowned scholar Moulana Muhammad Manzoor Nomani [RA].

A Gift for Muslim WomenThe book has its origins in the author contributing written articles to the monthly Al-Balagh magazine which readers found very interesting. Although the book is voluminous, the information it stores is worth its weight in gold.

crown of the beleiverAt a time when more and more Muslim men are discarding wearing the topi [Islamic cap] especially in Salaah, this book should be made easily available to educate and encourage men to wear topis in Salaah.

The book is well-researched and superbly presented. The explanation of each of the sub-headings sufficiently and precisely covers the subject matter.

path to paradiseIn the seventeen sections of this informative book on a variety of subjects about Islam, the author has attempted to include a cross-section of topics. All the major topics, Imaan, characteristics of Islam, unity, supplications, Salaah, Zakaat, Quraan, character, death, etc. have been comprehensively and sufficiently covered. A kind of handbook on Islam would be the appropriate term to use.

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