26 January 2020   29. Jumad-ul-Ula 1441
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Captive Turns to the Truth (Dawah)

Captive Turns to the Truth

To gain some insight into the true position of a woman in Islam, refer to Yvonne Ridley’s lecture “Behind Enemy Lines: The Story of a Taliban Captive.” Ridley, a British journalist, was captured by the Taliban for 11 days, and released upon the condition that she would read the Noble Quran.

Approximately two years later, Ridley converted to the Islamic faith and wrote a book, “Behind Enemy Lines,” describing and detailing her life experiences. Ridley believes that the Noble Quran is the “Magna Carta for women” and that “oppression is cultural; it is not Islamic.” Despite the regular impulsive outburst and critique of dozens of claims that Islam oppresses women, Ridley exemplifies the reality of a Muslim woman as a strong member of her society and the world.

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