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Mxit – a development of technology that enables a faster and cheaper means of communication using mobile handsets, has attracted the youth in droves, and more recently adults.

Parents are complaining. In the limited time that the family is together, the youth are online. It is frightening to know how much time is spent on Mxit, in particular. The youth have become addicts of Mxit.

As Muslims, we have been directed to avoid idle chat (with or without Mxit). It benefits no one. Instead, the constant remembrance of your Creator is what is required of you to be a practising Muslim.

Spend time on remembering the Mercy that He, Your Lord has extended to you. Has He not blessed you with so much abundance in this world? Be grateful and offer your thanks by cherishing Praises to your Creator.

The gift of Hadrat Fatima (R.A.) from her beloved father, Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) was the Tasbihaate-e-Fatimi, after her pleas for permission to employ an assistant in her household, which was denied to her. Instead, he asked her to Praise her Creator by repeating:

 SUBHANALLAH (33times)


ALLAHU AKBAR (34 times)

Give the gift of guidance to your family. Has not Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) mentioned?

“All of you are shepherds, all of you are caretakers, and all of you are responsible for your flock”

Social organizations are reporting an alarming increase in break up of marriages; “Mxit” is the number one cause.

To engage in idle conversations, and texting with strangers and using language against the Shari’ah are not ethics of a Muslim. It is categorized as abominable and Haraam, and is most certainly sinful for which accountability is to be given on the Day of Reckoning.


  1. Avoid engaging in idle conversation.

  2. Avoid chatting with strangers in anonymity.

  3. Guard against the use of incorrect (foul and dirty) language and bad remarks.

Problems arising out of incorrect usage of Mxit:

  1. Diminishes personal (contact) conversation.

  1. Addiction to the constant usage of Mxit.

  1. Separation of family contact

  1. Keeps one away from remembrance of Allah Ta’ala

Darul Ihsan

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