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Guest Impressions

Fire in the ears


Today, music has become a part of many people’s lives. The sound of music begins from the breakfast table and carries on throughout the day, until finally one is overpowered by sleep. Music has indiscriminately reached every place, from shopping malls to the pavement vendor. Modern technology has introduced better systems and gadgets to even bypass the frequent power failures. 

The introduction of newer cell phones, DVD players, etc. has exacerbated the uncontrollable situation of the singing industry. The height of technology has reached such levels that all equipment, from a key ring to a fridge, is connected to some singing tune. By the way, fridges have built-in televisions, targeting housewives not to “miss out” while in the kitchen. The situation has deteriorated to such an extent that no place is free from music – not to mention the blaring music in the streets, with businesses “attracting customers” and motorists competing in the loudness of their sound systems. The days are over where consideration is given to others. Neighborhoods have become late-night dens for excessively loud music. 

Islam will not tolerate even a single and simple musical tone. Once, a young girl entered the house of Aaisha (RA). Around her ankles was some kind of bangles which made a sound as she walked. Aaisha (RA) immediately reprimanded her and told her not to come near her until they were removed. This incident expresses the exact extent to which Islam prohibits the smallest musical tune. 

The Sahaba (RA) were trained to abhor the sound of music to such an extent that once, Naafi’ (RA) accompanied Ibn Umar (RA), when the sound of a flute was heard. Hearing this, Ibn Umar (RA) placed his fingers in his ears and moved away to the other end of the street until he asked Naafi’ (RA) whether the sound can still be heard. Then only did he remove his fingers from his ears. 

Music has a strange magnetic pull to corrupt the heart and mind. Those who are fond of listening to music regularly become unmindful of salaah and the zikr of Allah. And those who are engaged in singing have a very bleak future and are exposed o numerous difficulties. 

Music also has the potential of drawing one to many other evils like gambling, alcohol, etc. Probably the worst situation would be for one to declare music as halaal. Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wasallam warned about the time to come when people will declare zina, silk (for males), alcohol and musical instruments as halaal. 

May Allah Ta’ala protect us from the evils of Shaytaan. Aameen.

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