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Water-A Gift From Allah

Water-A Gift From Allah

Water is a basic essential of life and it is from among the many countless bounties of Allah Ta’ala. It is through the mercy of our Maker and Creator that he has bestowed mankind with this great ni’mat (bounty) of water; and mankind is unable to survive without it. In fact, not only is mankind dependent on it, but every living thing is directly dependent on it for survival. The Noble Qur’an categorically states in Surah An Nur that Allah Ta’ala has created every living thing with water.

People generally live where water is found, such as, near dams, rivers, lakes and even streams. Cities, towns, villages and settlements were founded where water was readily available. Makkah is a typical example - barren land, unproductive and unsuitable for human habitation, arid and desert conditions; but Zam Zam turned the place into the world’s most visited spiritual destination. It is also intriguing to note that Muslims, the world over, source Zam Zam (to take back home) from the very place that was once barren. Scientists are unanimous on the point that wherever water is to be found – even on other planets – then there is hope of the survival of man.

The amount of water available on earth is phenomenal. Seventy five percent of the earth is surrounded by water from the oceans. In addition, the dry lands have huge pockets of water in the form of dams, rivers, lakes and streams. Snow-capped mountains, glaciers and tons of ice formed on land is in reality, water. The clouds suspended above us and the moisture in the form of dew and fog are all considered as water. Hence, in whichever direction we look, we are surrounded by water.

As human beings, seventy percent of our bodies is composed of water and the air we breathe is also has a small percentage of water. The composition of the body is made up of a variety of particles and vital organs, of which water plays perhaps the most important function in its movements. Blood is in circulation throughout the body; however, water plays a great role in its sustainability.

Every insect and animal has a high percentage of water their bodies, and in some cases, more than seventy five percent. Land animals are also totally dependent on water to survive. Dehydration can be the cause of death when the body is starved of sufficient water. Therefore, the fountain of water is essentially the gateway of every living creature on this planet.

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