23 January 2020   25. Jumad-ul-Ula 1441
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How to win hearts SMILE:
It is the first arrow and the fastest of them all. It is like the salt for food. It is also regarded as a kind of worship and alms-giving as mentioned in Hadith "Smiling at your brother's face is as charity (Sadaqa)".

Guidelines for Internet Users


  • When a Muslim hears the call for prayer, he should rise up to the remembrance of Allah and not let anything take him away from answering that call. The Lord SWT said: In houses that Allah ordered to be built and His name to be mentioned in them mornings and nights, men who are not diverted by trade or selling from the Remembrance of Allah, pray, give alms, fear a day where hearts and eyesight's are diverted in all directions. (24:36-37)

  • The Internet is a way for communication that is considered a double-edged weapon. When it provides benefit, it becomes a gift. And when it provides evil, it becomes a disgrace. Muslim should use the good side of this facility to serve his religion and life, rather than its evil side that corrupts his religion and life.

  • It's very important for internet users to protect their eyes from falling on prohibited sites. The prohibited scene is considered Satan's arrow, his weapon that he uses to spoil the Muslims heart by offering immediate pleasure, followed by long lasting feelings of remorse and regret. Watching scenes that Allah prohibited causes darkness in the heart, gloominess in the chest and heaviness and reluctance to perform actions of worshiping Allah. It deprives the soul of enjoying the sweetness of deep faith. By all means it is a tool that Satan uses to sugar coat sins with, and the moment one falls in this trap, Satan takes complete control of his heart, and play with it like a young boy who plays with a ball. The end is always a fatal loss.

  • Don't let the internet consume your effort and time for no value. That happens when you navigate between the various sites and online groups for long hours. You waste your precious lifetime hours. That time that you should devote for people like your family, parents, children and relatives, or for your job where you earn the living for you and your dependants.

  • Visit the Islamic Sites frequently. Visit the useful sites that add to your useful information, and widens up your scales of knowledge. Stay away from the sites that promote corruption to Belief or Morals, those groups that seek the spread of Fitnah or controversy, even if this is over religious issues. Bad controversy is of no avail. Don't interfere in conversations with the enemies of Islam unless you have the necessary knowledge and power that enables you to handle this task. And if not, ask a scholar to handle it instead.

  • Take caution against the chatting sites. They are traps for males and females to drag them into a prohibited relationship, which often starts by an innocent introduction and end up in mere pain and causes damage to life and faith.

  • Its either you control or you get controlled by the trap of the internet. If you put it under your control, you take its benefit and shed away its harm. Hence Internet becomes a gift from Allah for your welfare. And if you fall under its control, it blurs your eyes with its glittering charm and temporary pleasures, steals your money, time, life and the duties your have towards your family and beloved ones. You become the prey without being aware of it. Save yourself from this trap before you are lost, and before it is too late.

By Sheikh: Hamed Ibn Abdullah El Aly

Courtesy: www.everymuslim.net

HIV/AIDSI am a brother in Islam, a middle class citizen, married with a six year old son who has a speech disability.
Currently I am on antiretroviral medication for the treatment of HIV/AIDS. The medical treatment is not a cure but I have to take it for life!

True & False CharityO Ummatul Muslimeen! Do you know how a true Muh'min can acquire ethical virtues by avoiding  vices? Disposition [khulq] is a state of the soul that inclines it to action without the need of thought or reflection.

BirthdaysThere was a time when 'birthdays' were celebrated only for children in Muslim homes. However, that has now changed. Middle aged and older people are now finding enjoyment in celebrating birthdays. Indeed, some are even turning these birthdays into 'big bash' celebrations.

Reliving the Duas of Sayyiduna Ibraheem (alayhis salaam)From whichever angle we study the life and legacy of Ibraheem (alayhis salaam) we find he was an embodiment of perseverence, humility, steadfastness and unflinching submission to his Creator.

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