07 June 2020   14. Shawwal 1441
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(At the time of going to press, the sad news of Hazrat Maulana's demise was received. This report which was written in Maulana's lifetime was changed to reflect this sad reality.)

The 300 years of Islam in South Africa have seen the influence of Sheikh Yusuf Macasari dominate the first century with the establishment of Islam on these shores. The next hundred years felt the influence of Tuan Guru who saw to the establishment of the first Masjid and Madresa in SA. And the next century was overwhelmingly dominated by the works and sacrifice of Moulana Cassim Sema, the founder of the first Darul Uloom in SA(possibly the first Darul Uloom teaching through the medium of English in the world), who also had an immense role to play in establishing the work of Tableegh as well as Da'wah among non-Muslims.

In today's world, we constantly find ourselves asking the very same question, ‘What is true ‘Ilm'? What is true knowledge?

Due to our weak Imaan and our love for the world and its luxuries, true knowledge does not enter our hearts.

A handy tool for Ulama and Darul-Uloom and other Arabic students - online internet program that does conjugation of any Arabic verb (trilateral) in any
of the Baabs (mujarrad and mazeed-fih). Go to: http://acon.baykal.be

(Being the speech delivered by SYED ABUL HASAN ALI NADWI on receiving the Degree of D. Litt. (Honoris Causa) at the Seventh Convocation of the University of Kashmir held on October 29, 1981.)

Ilm and Taqwa

Even though a concerted effort has to be made in procuring the treasure trove of Ilm, its Nur and its understanding is realised only with Taqwa. Allama Jalaluddeen Suyooti (Rahmatullah ‘alaih)  has narrated that once a person came to Rasulullah (SAW) and said : “O Allah’s Nabi ! I desire to become a great Aalim.”

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