07 June 2020   14. Shawwal 1441
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The command to care for and respect parents comes immediately after the fundamental command to believe in the Oneness of Allah Ta'ala. The Quran instructs kind treatment of parents in no less than 7 places. Allah Ta'ala says: “Your Creator has ordered that you worship none but Him, and that you be compassionte to parents. If either of them attain old age in your life, never address them with even the slightest contempt, nor repel them, but speak to them with words of kindness.” (Surah Bani Israeel)

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Whilst on journey, it becomes necessary to utilise public facilities at halfway stops, filling stations, airports, etc.

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Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) instituted the concept of kafful aza (refraining from causing harm), as an essential right of the road. Drivers and road users are specifically cautioned in this regard. Disregarding this leads to loss of lives and injury to others.

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Punctuality is an important etiquette in Islam and should be the endeavour of every Muslim. Whilst it is human to be occasionally delayed for one's meeting or appointment, a Muslim should always display promptness and punctuality in all dealings.

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To do good deeds requires effort, time and resources. Once good deeds have been accomplished, protecting them is of utmost importance.

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Harbouring suspicion and ill-thoughts about others is a major sin which is the root cause of many other vices that become the cause of division and disunity in society. Suspicion and ill-thoughts that are not supressed and curbed can lead to jealousy, hatred, gossip, slander, revenge and other major vices. This in turn leads to breakdown in marriages, family ties and social order.

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