21 February 2020   25. Jumad-us-Thaani 1441
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‘Not in the Masajid’

‘Not in the Masajid’The best of places are the Masajid. Therefore, time spent in the Masjid is indeed meritorious and greatly rewarding.

The best of places are the Masajid. Therefore, time spent in the Masjid is indeed meritorious and greatly rewarding.

Fortunate are those that come early and patiently wait for the next Salaah. There is overwhelming Nimat (favour) of Allah Ta’ala for them. The person waiting for the next Salaah is equivalent to the person performing Salaah.

However, shaitaan is most deliberate, cunning and vicious in devouring one’s good deeds, especially where one benefits from the most rewards. Hence, shaitaan attempts to disturb and distract a person waiting for Salaah and the one spending time after Salaah.

One of the most corruptive methods used by shaitaan is to incline one to talk about worldly matters in the Masajid.  A person’s good deeds are easily eroded and washed away by discussing and talking of world matters in Masajid. Talks of worldly matters are common in Masajid and indeed an incurable sickness despite the repeated warnings against this practice through the Masajid platforms and literature available.
Many Ahaadith warn against worldly talk in the Masajid.

Nabi (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) once said, “During the end of time, a group in my Ummah will engage in worldly talk – do not sit with such people who have the love of this world – Allah has no need for such people.”

In one narration mentioned in the book, ‘Wa Qaiuqul Akhbaar,’ that on the day of Qiyamah where all of mankind will be gathered, “an animal will emerge by the name of Hadeesh. The head will be perched in the Heaven and its tail on Earth. It will announce seventy times that where are the people who challenged Allah and where are the people who waged war with Allah?”

Jibraeel (AS) will appear and ask, “Hadeesh who are you referring to?”

In reply, Hadeesh will say:
1. “Where are people that neglected Salaah?”
2. “Where are the people that did not pay Zakaat?”
3. “Where are the people who consumed wine?”
4. “Where are the people who consumed interest?”
5. “Where are the people who engaged in worldly talk in the Masjid?”

“Then this huge animal will uplift these people on its neck and then place them into its mouth, and thereafter take them to Jahannam.”

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