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Islamic Etiquette of using Social Media

1) Check and rectify your intention behind their use - is it to promote good, to idle away your time or to spread mischief

2) Ensure your post does not include backbiting, tale-bearing, personal rantings\frustrations  or unfounded allegations.

3) Ensure you do not neglect the rights of the Quran, salaat, zikr and your duty towards others. Do not ignore the visitor in front of you by constantly referring to your smartphone

4) Verify the authenticity of Quran, Hadith, malfoozaat etc before sending on. If possible, state reference

5) It is OK to disagree, but do it respectfully

6) If discussing, hear out what your brother/sister is saying before responding. There is NO SUBSTITUTE for a personal visit  

7) Refrain from conducting mixed-gender GROUPS

8) Revive goodness by spreading it and SUPPORT them

9) Kill falsehood by ignoring it. Respond to evil only if it creates a misconception which will affect Islam

10) Never send on pictures or videos showing people with exposed awrah

11) Choose the appropriate time to send. Don't send a joke immediately after a post on the death of someone, during salaat etc.

12) Refrain from useless debating which does not reach any conclusion

13) Do not send links or videos containing haram music

14) Be aware that anything you post can reach many in short space of time. The angel scribes are recording everything.

15) When writing the name of a Prophet, Sahabi, pious person, remember the salutation.

16) Thank people for writing beneficial posts.

17) Occasional light-hearted jokes are welcome, but not obscene jokes or porn links.

18)  All mass posts like commercials ads should be permission-based.

19) Don't forward links before opening and checking it.

20) Is the post you are sending a cause of reward or punishment for you multiplied?

 Source : Adapted and modified from and original by Sh. Mohammed Daniel, Cordoba Academy

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