14 December 2019   16. Rabi-us-Thaani 1441
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Do not Fall Prey to Muslim ‘Pop Stars’ and ‘Concerts’

Do not Fall Prey to Muslim ‘Pop Stars’ and ‘Concerts’Tickets are sold out. People will queue for hours to be first in line to enter. It is another music concert by a ‘Muslim’ pop-star

Soul Searching Questions


Does a music concert have any place in Islam? As a Muslim should I be attending such a gathering? What are the consequences to my faith if I do attend and what would happen if I die at such a place? These are soul searching questions that any Muslim intending to attend a musical concert should ask.

The Scholars of Islam have vehemently cautioned Muslims from attending musical concerts and similar places of vice because it’s completely forbidden for a Muslim to even envisage being in such a place. The Noble Qur’an urges a believer to avoid venturing anywhere where there is intermingling of males and females. One’s Iman is under threat at such places and the potential for zina (fornication and adultery) is - due to the abandonment of Islamic precepts in terms of modesty and morality - obvious.

The Hadith urges Muslims not to venture near a place where even the suspicion of wrong doing exists. Islam institutes these precautionary measures to protect the honour of a Muslim.

The concerts of today expose one to many violations. Music blares at high pitch and men, women, boys and girls mingle, flirt, shout and scream in the frenzy of the festival. Immorality and shameful behaviour is part of the ‘fun.’

It is inevitable that the important injunction of Salah will be missed and made Qaza. This alone is a catastrophe of great magnitude. It is more disastrous than one losing one’s entire family and wealth.

What Kind of Death will Befall Me?

One thing people do not consider is “What kind of death will overtake me whilst I am engaged in a sinful environment.”

These concerts are camouflaged with the name of Allah Ta’ala and Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam), yet the atmosphere is furthest from it.

Today, conditions of difficulty beset the Ummah, many are suffering death, hunger, starvation and other tragic conditions in various parts of the world. Yet here we have people who will squander their wealth, time and energy to attend a pop concert.

It is extremely heart breaking to know that Muslims patronise such events.

Parents Should Wake Up

Ironically parents - despite being aware of the implications of attending such concerts – grant permission and provide the means for their children to do so.

May Allah Ta’ala give understanding to parents, to open their eyes, and realise that they are not doing any favour to their children. In fact they are destroying their children if they are going to give them the financial and moral support to attend such concerts.

Ibn Abbas (RA) narrates that Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) said:
 “Verily you will die (according to the condition) you lived in this world and you will be resurrected in the condition you died.”

May Allah Ta’ala protect the Ummah from all harm and vice.

Darul Ihsan Centre – South Africa

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