19 February 2020   24. Jumad-us-Thaani 1441
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The Good Samaritan (Person)

As the strange wheel of time turns on and on, good people are becoming rarer and more and more difficult to find. Sadly, the once “rich-society” is rapidly losing its good, caring and loving “gems”.  Simultaneously, there is also an erosion of a genuine quest for a wholesome life.

Obviously, the void that’s created is being shored up with strange people with bizarre and corrupt conduct. This is a world-wide phenomenon, no country is exempt from undesirable elements which are on the increase.

Value systems are compromised. The modern world, with all its technology, is taking a serious turn in a disastrous direction. The supposedly “advanced” and “helpful” surfeit of information and communication technologies (icts), are turning, twirling and twisting innocent minds and lives. Some examples of the explosion of modern-day communication technologies, include, inter-alia :   

  • internet,
  • podcasts,
  • i-pods,
  • e-pods,
  • blogs,
  • micro-blogs, and
  • photo-sharing,
  • facebook,
  • satellite connections,
  • online face-to-face small groups
  • e-mails,
  • whatsapp.

A case in point, is the evil of the chat rooms with a host of “poison-tipped-arrows” which has given rise to mountains of heartache, pain, pressure and problems. Dirty, grimy, grubby and unethical behaviour have become the sleazy and seedy norm of the day.

Tragically, all this immorality and dirtiness are actioned in very quick time --- in a jiffy. Not only do the youth, but even the adults thrive on these reprehensible vice of sinful and soul-destroying activities.  

As a human being, one naturally tries to be good because that is the expectation from human-kind. As Muslims, we are fortunate that our Nabi (Salallahu alayhi wa Sallam) advocated and taught the very best value system. In one narration, Nabi (Salallahu alayhi wa Sallam) mentioned that the best person is he, who is blessed with the best of actions, and there is no chance (possibility) of any wrong or sinful behaviour being linked to him. On the opposite side to all of this, is the “scum of the earth” --- the worst type of person --- who perpetrates evil and incites others towards vice and corruption. (Reported by : Masnaf ibn Abi Shyba)

The good person inevitably generates good in society and therefore spreads goodness in society. On the other hand, evil people pollute and poison society with bad thoughts and actions.

Sadly, this only leads to the degeneration and disintegration of society.

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