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I am a male in my forties, who, up to this point, went through, and survived at least 40 surgical procedures --- and still counting!

I am a male in my forties, who, up to this point, went through, and survived at least 40 surgical procedures --- and still counting!

Sickness overcame me when I least expected it. Things that I took for granted came to an abrupt halt. Allah Ta’ala’s blessings and opportunities like holding a job as well as supporting, providing, caring and protecting my family rapidly paled into the distant background.

The situation rapidly became insurmountable because urgent, costly and specialised hospitalisation and surgical procedures needed to be secured. The conditions were such that medication, pain killers and other tropical remedies could not give me relief. On the other hand I was incapable of providing for all my family’s needs.

The sense of helplessness, hopelessness and despair is unique to the one who is being put to the test. The  anguish and despondency cannot be understood by anyone who’s blessed with good health and the financial means for the sustenance of his family and himself. Worse still are the contortions of the doom and gloom   when one is hospitalised and classified “powerless”.

My condition is such that, after all surgical procedures, I still am stung by throbbing pain, agony and helplessness.

While in hospital, irrepressible tears were a sad, though a common occurrence. Most times it was not only because of the piercing pain that I was experiencing, but largely because of the anguish of not being able to provide and care for my family. Can one imagine how difficult it is not to be able to provide for one’s family --- especially when they visit you in hospital --- looking upon the “helpless one” (I), as the person who is supposed to be their pillar.

The only Being that I had recourse to was Allah Ta’ala, my Creator and Maker. In humility and meekness I cried out:

‘O Allah, You have blessed me with this sickness and I fully accept it as Your Will. Please do not make my family and me be a burden to anyone. Watch over my family and their needs and give me the strength and ability to endure the pain and the test that I am going through. I am aware of the difficulties that the Prophets (AS) and Sahaba (RA) experienced. Compared to their hardships and trials, mine is indeed minor.’

I constantly reminded myself that I needed to have strong Imān (faith) and trust in our Creator, for He is all knowing. It is difficult to comprehend that ‘sickness is a blessing and a mercy from Allah Ta’ala’ as we only look at the negative aspect of the situation. Ah! It is only in such predicaments that it dawns upon one to be optimistic and contented with whatever happens.

The reality suddenly hits home.

Situations only occur through the will and desire of Allah (Jalla Shaanuhu). One needs to be strong and develop an unshakeable Imān. Whatever our suffering, it is a test, and will come to an end. With unflinching perseverance, I dug deep to make Sabar, Dhikr and much Dua in the belief that, at some point, my suffering will come to an end --- and our Rabba, Allah (Tabaraka wa Ta’ala) is undoubtedly the best of Planners.

Before, during and after my many painful operations --- with hardly any strength --- I approached Darul Ihsan Centre for assistance. Alhamdulillah, my life soon began to change for the better. Through the spontaneous help of the Centre I was able to gradually recover, re-commence my studies and start a new career.

Today I work when I can. I sincerely believe that my Creator has something planned for me, and that gives me courage and strength to bravely move ahead.

A sense of relief overcomes me when I see others suffering from the different sicknesses and inabilities.
My message to all is to look at sickness as a blessing and not as a burden from Allah Ta’ala. Embrace it as a gift and remember Allah Ta’ala is with us. This will certainly help to endure sicknesses and be positive for Allah, the Rabb of all illnesses, is the Healer and it is only through Him that one can be healed.

Remember there is always light at the end of the tunnel and all good things come to those who patiently persevere and wait.

Don’t lose hope, do not despair and never succumb to depression --- this is not the way of a Muslim. Our Maker and Creator, Allah Ta’ala is there for us. Those who obtain Shifa (cure and remedy), be grateful, very, very grateful, because many don’t. Even in pain and illness make Sabr, and consider those who are going through unimaginable strife in the different countries.

Do remember to make lots of Dhikr and Duas --- talk to your Creator --- it will help you and give you peace.

Darul Ihsan Centre gave me comfort and assistance when I was most desperate in need. The Centre became a pillar of strength to me and my family, sent to me by Allah Ta’ala at the time of my greatest need. May Allah Ta’ala  bless the Centre and all those who serve the organisation, those who support them and all their respective families. (Aameen)

A fellow Muslim

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