21 February 2020   25. Jumad-us-Thaani 1441
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Charity (Sadaqa) is a great gift from Allah Ta’ala. The act of giving and donating, generates spiritual elevation and revitalises the Iman. Allah Ta’ala loves the act of charity. In the Mubarak (blessed) words of our beloved Nabi (Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam) reported by Asma bint-e-Abu Bakr (RA) that:

“Maintain trust in Allah, spend generously in Allah’s way and do not keep account of it (do not concern yourself of how much I have and how much I will spend in the way of Allah). If you spend in this manner then Allah Ta’ala too will honour you likewise, but if you keep account of the spending in terms of how much, then Allah Ta’ala will also give in return likewise. And, do not horde your wealth, otherwise Allah Ta’ala too will hold back (the Rahmah and Barakah --- May Allah protect us.) Therefore, according to one’s means, spend generously in the way of Allah.” (Muslim)

There are numerous examples of people spending in the path of Allah Ta’ala and receiving much much more in return from the bounties and treasures of Allah Ta’ala. Our Rabb is never ever short of giving. His treasures will never dry up. He has always given and will always be giving.

Let us take a few minutes and ponder about some ahadith relevant to Sadaqa.

1. Sadaqa extinguishes the anger of Allah Ta’ala and save man from a disgraceful death. (Tibrani)

2. Sadaqa saves one form the fire of the grave (qabr) and extinguishes the fire of the grave. (Tibrani)

3. Should anyone have nothing to give as charity, then at the least, offer some good and pleasant words, and if that too is not possible, then at least do not harm anyone. (Ibn Habban)

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