25 January 2020   28. Jumad-ul-Ula 1441
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Maut (Death), Qabr (Grave), Hashr (Plains of Qiyamat)

Every living being will experience and taste the pangs of death. There is no escape from this finality! Death is a reality which is inescapable irrespective of the status of the person or his/her relationship with Allah Ta’ala.

From the grave (qabar), then to the plains (hashr) … of the Day of Qiyamat … every soul shall be gathered. Ah! Every soul shall then be raised again … but in different conditions. By the command of Allah Ta’ala there will be those whose faces will be lit up in brilliant white, while others will be presented in an exceptionally black colour.

Then there will be a situation where the Muslims and non-Muslims will be gathered on the plains of hashr and will be completely enshrouded in a terrifying shade of utter blackness. No one will be able to see the other. Then Allah Ta’ala will begin to distribute His Effulgence (Noor), and the Muslims shall be the exclusive recipients of this Noor. Each Mu’min shall, Insha Allah, be veiled and immersed with this Noor in accordance to his/her good deeds.

Amazingly, some people will be covered with Noor the size of a date-tree branch, while others will be enshrouded with Noor the size of their own height. The smallest measure of Noor will be the size of one’s small finger: and that too, sometimes it will light up, and at other times it will completely darken.

The munafiqeen (hypocrites) as well as the disbelievers will be totally deprived of this special Noor.

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