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La howla-wala-quwwata-illa-billa

The regular and purposeful repetition (epistrophe) of these words is indeed a great blessing. Hence, as a Muslim, one ought to repeat these words as often as possible.

The regular and purposeful repetition La howla-wala-quwwata-illa-billa , as mentioned in the hadith, accrues heaps of benefits and rewards, vide. : 

1. It is one treasure from the many treasures of Jannat;

2. It is one door of the doors of Jannat;

3. It is the name of a young plant in Jannat; and

4. It is the cure to ninety nine sicknesses, of which the lightest are depression, sadness, stress and worry.

The author of the famous book, “Mirqaat” mentions an incident when Nabi (Sallalahu Alayhi Wasallam) journeyed Bait-ul-Maqdis on Mi’raaj and ascended to the seventh heaven (asmaan). Upon passing Hadhrat Ibrahim (AS), the beloved of Allah Ta’ala, Nabi (Sallalahu Alayhi Wasallam) was addressed by Nabi Ibrahim (AS) :

“O Muhammad! Instruct your Ummah to populate the gardens of Jannat by reciting La howla-wala-quwwata-illa-billa .” (Mirqaat)

Another famous author, Qadi Sanalluh Pani Patti (R) quotes in his commentary entitled Tafseer-e-Mazhari that by regularly and purposefully chanting these lofty words, one will be saved from difficulties and harm.

Another Muhaddith, Tibrani, quotes a hadith where it is stated, that whomsoever is blessed with a favour (ni’mat), he/she should thank Allah Ta’ala profusely. And similarly, whomsoever has sinned, should constantly engage in istighfaar (seeking Allah Ta’ala’s forgiveness).

Additionally, whomsoever is finding difficulty in making ends meet, should chant La howla-wala-quwwata-illa-billa abundantly.

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