13 November 2019   15. Rabi-ul-Awwal 1441
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RESURRECTION FROM THE QABAR (GRAVE) (bringing back to life)

When a Mu’min rises after death, in his grave, he will most surely be carrying his “bag of deeds”. Additionally, the two angels that accompanied him during his entire lifetime will also be present.

Death and dying is not an easy phase. One can never underestimate the reality, stages and the enormity of the pangs of death.

On the Day of Qiyamat, when the dead will be resurrected, the angels of good deeds and the angels of evil deeds will come to each resurrected person anxious to snatch away their “book of deeds” which will be hanging around their necks. One group of angels from the front, and the other from behind, will vie with each other to snatch the “book of deeds”.

When a Mu’min is brought back to life, after death, the two same angels who had accompanied him in his lifetime will comfort him saying not to fear and not to worry --- assuring him of the glad tidings of Jannat. The following verses of Surah Haam-Meem Sajdah (Ch. 41) will be recited to him:

“Indeed they say, our Rabb is Allah, then they stand firm, the angles descend (saying) do not fear, and do not worry, and glad-tidings of Jannat, for that which was promised to you.” (Verse 30)

Hadhrat Umar bin Qaise (RA) comments that when a Mu’min is raised from his grave, his good deeds will be presented to him in a most beautiful form and he will be warmly welcomed to his new abode. On the contrary, the disbeliever will be met by his filthy and obnoxious and stinking deeds in the most dreadful and frightening manner.

Hadhrat Abu Imraan Joni (RA) states that every night, the darkness of the night announces to the people of the world to engage in good, because on the Day of Qiyamat those same good deeds will return to you as saviours.

Hadhrat Jabir (RA) reports that on the Day of Qiyamat, the Mu’ezzin as well as the one taking the sweet name of Allah Ta’ala will rise from the dead, calling the Azaan and making the dhikr of the lofty and honeyed name of Allah Ta’ala.

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