21 February 2020   26. Jumad-us-Thaani 1441
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The Name of Allah (Ta’ala)

O Muslims, let us awake from our deep slumber and start hymning the name of Allah Ta’ala at every twist and turn of your brief stay on earth.

Such constant dhikr (remembrance) of the glorified name of our beautiful Creator ushers nothing but sheer and soothing, sweetness and sereneness to one’s heart. On a more awe-inspiring level, the heartfelt dhikr of the adored name of our ever-loving Allah Ta’ala is a clear indication of one’s love, reverence and total reliance on our mighty Allah Ta’ala.

Additionally, a person’s (dhikr) and constant hymning of the exalted and sweet name of Allah Ta’ala is a clear-cut and distinct pointer to many other invaluable issues.

For a Mu’min, it’s an acceptance that our Allah Ta’ala is indeed the most Supreme, the most Merciful, as well as the Absolute Creator and Doer of every single thing.

The minutest and the most insignificant of creations bears the boldest and most distinctive label “made by Allah Ta’ala”.

Our Allah Ta’ala’s name is not only Majestic, but also Magnificent, Magnanimous and Magnetic.

Ah! From the moment our souls leave the “world of souls … Alam-e-Arwah” right up until our last breath, Allah Ta’ala is in complete command. He was, is and will always be the soul Doer, Controller and Conductor of all our affairs. All praise belongs to Him and Him alone!

Indeed it is only through His Mercy that we inhale clean, pure and life-giving oxygen … and indeed it is only through His Mercy that we exhale sullied, impure and life-threatening carbon dioxide … otherwise this too, would be beyond us.

Every 25 hours of the day, we need to indoctrinate into our system, the chanting of the loving and calming name of our most Sovereign and Supreme Allah Ta’ala. Bar one or two exceptions, the melodious dhikr of “Allah, Allah, Allah” should not be tampered by time, space and venue. As a matter of fact this awe-inspiring dhikr should be our refrain even at the time of going to bed.

Indeed, taking the name of Allah by uttering Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem or reciting any prescribed dua is also classified as remembering Allah Ta’ala, but this should never be deemed as adequate!

The intensity and constancy of making the dhikr of “Allah, Allah, Allah” strengthens the bond of love (Muhabbat) between the Creator and His creation. It is in this spirit that we are urged to live our lives in such a manner that it will initiate the unbridled pleasure (Rida) of our Loving, Kind and Merciful Rabba. Visiting the sick, the orphan, the poor or the downtrodden as well as giving charity, etc. are sure ways of attracting the abiding pleasure and love of Allah Ta’ala.

Darul Ihsan Centre

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