13 November 2019   15. Rabi-ul-Awwal 1441
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Al Burhan

Al Burhan is among the many attributes of our Rabb, AllahTa’ala.

This attribute, refers to the “Sign and Proof of Allah's Greatness”. In the Noble Quran, AllahTa’ala states:

“O people! Verily, there has come to you a clear and convincing proof from your Rabb and We have sent to you a manifest light”. (S.04, V. 174)

Apart from the Greatness of AllahTa’ala’s creations, His superiority over everything, as well as His absolute Oneness, there is no other more powerful and more magnificent proof in the universe/s, other than the Glorious Noble Quran.

In this verse where Allah categorically classifies the Kalaam of Allah (al-Quran) as Al Burhaan clearly indicates that it’s the clear proof for all people of understanding. Additionally, it is the most defining exposition and clarification of the Almightiness, Supremeness, and Majesty of our Creator, Allah.

Without a shadow of doubt, every alphabet, ayat and surah is a complete, unadulterated and an unquestionable proof. This “miracle”, is indeed the Book that is “No Doubt” (Laa Rayba-fîhî) the words of Allah, carried by Jibraeel (R) and revealed unto our beloved Nabi (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam).

The Noble Quran transformed virtually every facet of life, composed all situations and boldly characterised every fibre of life. It is precisely in this context that the classification as Al Burhaan encapsulates each and every nano-angle and nano-sphere (minutest) in terms of total guidance until the end of time.

In addition to the Quranic testimonies, the erudite ahadeeth of our beloved Nabi (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) confirm and endorse the superiority of the Glorious Quran as Al Burhaan. The sublime character of the most beloved of Allah, Nabi (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam), coupled with his Mubarak practices and life-experiences authenticate and powerfully signal Al Quran as Al Burhaan.

The Noble Quran, i.e. Al Burhaan provides unshakable evidence regarding the creation of the world, in fact, the entire universes (“… ’Aalameen” …). One such impregnable pointer is that all of this was not created for nothing. The prime objective of the creation of “ad-dunyia” was for the glorification and worship of Allah.

Unquestionably, the world has been created to “sow the seeds (of goodness) and reap the benefits in the life to come”, i.e. in the hereafter.

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