01 June 2020   8. Shawwal 1441
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Music and its Satanic Deception

Over time, people … children, young and the elderly have been ensnared by a “devilish cacophony”. The silent sounds of the many and varied “clamorous tentacles of satan” has truly spellbound the masses transforming them into “zombies” in a state of stifling stupor. Such is the immoral and bang-on effect of these “satanic shells” that man’s mind has become mangled, befogged and deadened.

Weren’t we warned by our beloved Master, Nabi (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam)?

The massive mutilation of the minds of mankind is immeasurable. The short, medium and long term effects listening to the “muck of music” is, to say the least, horrendous. Indeed, the dastardly actions resulting from these “mangled, befogged and deadened minds” range from temporary madness to perpetual mental impairment. Historically, the “devilish cacophony” has triggered many brutal mutilations, murders and wanton killings.

Criminological research has clearly proven an extremely frightening link between senseless killings and the “satanic shells” of the “devilish cacophony” of the “muck of music”. The mind of the “obsessed zombie” becomes so murky that he/she cannot even distinguish between parents, wife, children or friends. Couple with intoxicants, the “obsessed zombie” is quickly transformed into a heavy duty truck tearing through a crowded town uncontrollably.

Sadly, the findings of an investigation into a couple’s death, which was ordered by a USA-judge, led to some extremely chilling revelations. Expert researchers concluded that the mind of the teenaged-monster-son was raging and sick with the words "kill mom, kill dad, kill them all". Such foul, repulsive and nauseating lines are often repeated hundreds of times as background rhymes at discos, raves, drug-dens, brothels and gambling-holes, hammered deep into one’s psyche by the “awful and clamorous tentacles (music) of satan”.

When the teenaged-monster-son came to his senses, the truth poured forth. His sordid life was incensed with “drugs” and “music” which were
at the root of his wicked and heinous crime.

The so-called soft background music, sometimes referred to as “calming light music” blasted at shopping malls, car parks, corner stores, reception entrances, public transport, etc. is known to have very, very serious consequences. The passer-by becomes a passive listener and others who are within hearing distance are blissfully unconscious of the subtle deluge of the “clamorous tentacles (music) of satan”.

Precisely, the “muck” it is driven wholly into your sub-conscious. What a subtle destroyer … we are not even faintly aware of its ravages!

Our beloved Nabi (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) categorically declared listening to music as completely reprehensible and abominable.

It is indeed sad that in this day and age, the “clamorous tentacles (music) of satan” is in our homes, cars, pockets, madaaris, and most destructively, even in the precincts of the holy Houses of Allah Ta’ala, the Masaajid.

May our Rabb, Allah Ta’ala protect us all from this “awful and clamorous tentacles (music) of satan”!

Darul Ihsan Centre

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