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Important Advice

Observations have revealed that a person discharging his/her Zakaat overlooks close “needy” family members. Most times, these relatives are genuinely and desperately in need of Zakaat.

Contrary to this “short-sightedness”, Deen-ul-Islam strongly promotes assessing the condition of close family members first. Thereafter, the “poverty-level” of the extended family needs to be considered.

Yet another vital point is to support the deprived destitute of one’s local community/ area/ town/ country. It’s only after this, that one may contemplate extending assistance to the needy cases in another country.

Unfortunately, some people snub and disregard close family members. Whether this neglect and indifference is witting or unwitting … it needs immediate remediation.

Supporting and assisting disadvantaged family members has a double spin-off: Relieves their destitute status; and Builds strong family bonds.

Darul Ihsan Media Desk

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