01 June 2020   8. Shawwal 1441
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Letter by Abdullah

All praise is for Allah. We praise Him and seek assistance from Him and we seek forgiveness from Him. We also seek refuge from Allah Ta’ala for our sinful actions and the evil lurking within us. Whoever Allah Ta’ala guides there’s none that can misguide him, and whoever Allah Ta’ala misguides there’s none to guide him.

I testify that there is none worthy to be worshipped except Allah Ta’ala and I testify that Prophet Muhammad (May peace be upon him) is His servant and His final messenger. Allah Ta’ala sent him with guidance and with a truthful religion in order to neutralise and replace all other religions, even if the disbelievers dislike it.

Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu

My name is Abdullah. I want to share a short story about me about how I came into the true religion which is the religion of all Prophets of Allah Ta’ala, which is Islam. My story starts back when I was doing my grade 5, and time passed by 7 years later, when I was doing my grade 11 things got even worse, I used to be a very naughty kid in grade 5 in a good way … till I went to secondary school where I met friends who possessed qualities similar like (to) mine then my behavior completely changed.

So when I was doing my grade 11 my mom started to receive complaints from the school because of me. So it happened that one day while she was with her friend she told her friend that I changed and she no longer knew what was happening with me anymore and she didn’t know what to do except that she should send me away to a disciplinary school. Her friend told her that her son was the same but since she sent him to a

Muslim school he came back as a changed person.

Thus she advised my mom to take me to one (Muslim School) with her son and friends.

That was back in the year 2009. My mom came and told me that she no longer wanted me to return to the school I was attending in the year 2010 when school re-opened. She told me that either she will send me to a disciplinary school or a Muslim school so the choice was mine. I told her I will go to a Muslim school. I didn’t know what Islam was but a Muslim school sounded better than a disciplinary school. I was happy with the fact I was changing schools and told her that I wouldn’t mind going to a Muslim school. So my journey began.

School closed and my mum’s friend’s son and his friends came to visit. I was introduced to them and started spending time with them. I started going with them to the Masjid and watching them pray. I became fond (eager) to know about Islam. Then my heart finalized (decided) that definitely I am going with the guys to their school when school re-opens in the year 2010.

I remember very well that I was asked : are you sure you want to come along with us because the studies we are doing are not the one you know; they are completely different from what you know. I said yes I am sure about it all. So they took me to (the) Imaam of the area to inform him about me. I sat with him and we spoke and he said it’s best for me to go back to my (old) school doing (to complete) grade 12. Then I (can come) came for classes after school (to the Imaam). I told him no! I have decided to go and I am not going back, if I have to do my grade 12, then let it be that I complete where I am going because I am not going back (to my old school). He said okay if that’s what you want but I was just enlightening you that where you are going (studying) now is not what you know. I said okay no problem, worry not.


I was still a Christian and hadn’t testified (taken shahaada) and embraced Islam even though I was going to the Masjid. I knew that it was good for me to go rather than going back to my previous school. So everything was finalized and he spoke to my mom and it was done. In January 2010 it was time for us to go to school since schools were re-opening, I knew the guys already and made friends with them, one of them by the name of Qaasim, who has (since) passed away, gave me one of his Qamis shirt – it was brown in colour. Another friend of mine by the name of Muhammad gave me an amamah turban – red and white in colour. It was time to leave so I took a bath, wore my qamis and Muhammad taught me how to tie an amamah. Got my bag ready and my mom gave me money to go thus we left.

We first went to the school I used to attend to collect my report card. I recall when we reached and entered the school all of us dressed in qamis’ and amamahs the students screamed and made noise. Everyone was astonished from the teachers to the students when they saw me and surprised because I was well known at school. Nevertheless I went to my class teacher for the report card and she was amused and said, “Hey, when (did) you became (become) a Muslim and where are you heading to?” I told her that I am going now to a Muslim boarding school and I wanted my report card. She asked if I paid the fees and I told her I don’t know if it was paid off or not so we went to the office to check but then it wasn’t so she couldn’t give me my report card. I said okay no problem. I then went to see my classmates in grade 12 for a farewell and we left.

We took a taxi to town then from town we took a train to madressah (Muslim school). So while we were in the train Mubarack and I sat privately and he explained to me what Islam is, what is the belief of Muslims regarding the Almighty God and how does one embrace Islam like what you have to say. So he said the shahaadah and I repeated after him.

I took shahaadah.

There’s none worthy to be worshipped except Allah Ta’ala and that Prophet Muhammad (Salallahu alaihi wa Sallam) is the messenger of Allah Ta’ala. Like that is how Allah Ta’ala planned for me to enter His religion. Today I am happy to say that I am a Muslim.

Allah Ta’ala says: (You cannot guide who you love, but Allah Ta’ala guides whoever He desires to guide) Surah Al Qasas.

And Allah Ta’ala says: (And your Lord creates what He wants and He chooses) Surah Al Qasas.

Darul Ihsan Media Desk

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