21 February 2020   25. Jumad-us-Thaani 1441
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Allah Ta’ala has presented His bondsmen with some special occasions with the golden opportunity of earning the mercy and forgiveness of Allah.

Choose the Right One

There are good friends and bad friends. Friends can play a great role in the good times and bad times in a person’s life. Although teenagers and young people are more vulnerable and may be influenced more easily, age is no safeguard criteria from being led onto the wrong path.

By way of a simple and humble example, Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) explained the difference between a good and bad friend: like that of a perfume seller and a blacksmith. When you are at the perfume seller’s shop then, either he will allow you to apply some perfume without charge, or you will buy from him, or the least that could happen is that you will smell the beautiful fragrance. On the contrary, if you are at the blacksmith then, either your clothes will get burnt, or you will emerge with a bad smell. (Muslim)

This Hadith expounds the benefits and disadvantages of good and bad friends. When a person associates with good people, then it will improve his dignity and honour in this world and the hereafter. Similarly, if the association is with bad and evil-minded people, then the person is heading towards disgrace in both the worlds.

It is indeed unfortunate that our younger generation has greater desire and inclination to some bad elements in society. These days it is more difficult to find good friends than bad ones. There is no shortage of bad friends lurking at every corner and segment of society. Conversely, good friends and good company are difficult to find. Yes! You need to hunt to find them, just as gold is not easily found.

The character displayed by some bad people is beyond one’s imagination. These people cause havoc among our youth. For example, drug addiction has reached alarming proportions where schools have become drug havens – school friends are targeted as peddlers.

Therefore it is important to choose your friends and the right company. Choose good friends or remain alone!

Musjid-Garden of Paradise

The Masaajid are the houses (places of worship) of Allah Ta’ala. The sanctity of the Masjid must be respected at all times. They are places where the name of Allah Ta’ala is glorified perpetually.

The greatest form of ibadah – remembering Allah (zikr) – is the foundation of the Masjid. This zikr, when applied to salaah, elevates and ranks salaah as the foremost worship, wherefrom the Masjid acts as a power station, generating a connection with our Creator.

The Masaajid are the gardens of Jannah and, ‘Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah’ are its fruits. Nabi (SAW) mentioned that when you walk in the gardens of Jannah, then eat of its fruit. The Sahabah (RA) enquired as to what the gardens of Jannah are. Nabi (SAW) replied, “The Masaajid”. They further enquired regarding the eating of the fruits. Nabi (SAW) said that they must read: ‘Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, wa laa ilaaha illallahu wallahu akbar’. (Tirmidhi)

Therefore, when you come to the Masaajid, remember this to earn great rewards for the Pleasure of Allah Ta’ala.

Fashionable Clothing

Clothing is one great ni’mat of Allah Ta’ala – a means of covering the body. Covering the body also adds great comfort to the body as in Winter, warm clothing naturally insulates the body.The object of wearing clothes is to cover the body and therefore the purpose should not be for beautification. Yes, the clothing should be neat and clean but by no means it translates into donning for beautification.

The best clothing is the clothes of Taqwa as defined in the Noble Quraan. This would refer to modest dressing without the shape of the body being exposed. In the case of women, the entire body, including the hair on the head, must be covered.

With regard to fashionable clothing, in one particular Hadith reported by Ibn Umar [R A], Nabi [Sallallahu Alaiyhi Wa Sallam] said, ‘Whomsoever wears clothing of fashion in this world then Allah Ta’ala will make this person wear clothing of disgrace on the Day of Qiyamah.’ [Ahmed, Abu Dawood and Ibn Majah]

What exactly does ‘clothing of fashion’ mean? Shuhrat is the word used in the Hadith. The Muhaditheen have given several meanings to this word:

  1. Clothing that is not permissible to wear for both men and women. Clothing that is revealing and exposes the body. Clothing that is transparent and see-through.

  2. Clothing worn to show off. For example, donning several sets of clothing on one day so that people admire the standards of such a person as well as the selection of clothing.

  3. Clothing that has a strange and attractive look about it that it catches the eye most stunningly. For example, nowadays creative designs of pictures drawn on T-shirts that unconsciously catch the eye because of its colourful designs and photos.

Sometimes we are unmindful of such clothing. Let us not regret the severe consequences of wearing the clothing of disgrace in the hereafter for having neglected wearing clothing of Taqwa in this temporary world.


Daeth of Shaitaan

Ahnaf bin Quais [RA] once set out to visit Hazrat Umar [RA] in Madinah Munawwarah. On his way, he saw a gathering of people in which Hazrat Kaib Ahbari [RA] was addressing the people and Ahnaf [RA] decided to sit down and listen to the talk.

Kaib Ahbari [RA] was saying that when Hazrat Adam [AS] passed away, he asked Allah Ta'ala whether Iblees was extremely happy over his death? He will remain alive until Qiyamat. The answer he received was that, "Adam, after your death, you will be taken to Jannat and the
cursed shaitan will remain in this world until Qiyamat." At the end of this world, death will come to him like it will come to all human beings. Adam [AS] asked about the state of Shaitaan at the time of his death. The Angels began detailing his death but Adam [AS] was unable to listen anymore because of its frightening and ugly nature. Kaib also stopped at this point and refused to say any more and kept silent. The audience repeatedly pleaded with Kaib [RA] to explain the details of Shaitan's death. After growing insistence of the people, Kaib [RA] agreed.

When Qiyaamah would come, people will be busy in the market places when suddenly there will be a heavy ‘thump’ where many people will fall unconscious. Allah Ta'ala would then say to the Angel of Death [Malakal Maut], ‘I have made you the best helper and made you equally to them the strongest. Go wear the clothes of My anger and remove the soul of the cursed one; and inflict such pain unto him, more than that of all human beings and Jinn. Inform the Angel [of Jahannam] to open the door of Jahannam.’ Malakal Maut with a multitude of Angels will
descend on the earth and if human beings had to see them, they would melt owing to their fear.

Once the group of Angels reach Iblees they will let out a loud thundering and threatening sound as an assault on him. Iblees will attempt to run away. If the people of this world had to hear this, they will drop unconscious. Malakal Maut will say to Iblees, ‘You are wicked – you had a very long life destroying the lives of countless people who will enter Jahannam with you. Today you will be tasting death. Your time has finally expired and you will never be able to escape from it.’ In a fit of fright, Iblees will speed away to the east and then to the west, but at every point Iblees will attempt to hide under the depths of the sea, but the oceans will throw him out. Finally, Iblees will present himself at the grave of Adam [AS] saying, ‘O Adam! It is because of you that I am cursed. How I wish that you were not born.’ Then he will turn to Malakal Maut and pleadingly ask as to how much more difficulty and pain he must endure before taking his soul. Malakal Maut will answer saying, ‘It will be the pain and difficulty of all the people in Jahannam and even much more, and more than that will be the pain.’ Hearing this, Iblees will tremble and scream uncontrollably running from place to place and eventually wherever death is destined, he will die there.

That place will be bright red like the flames of fire and at that place there will be hardened black excrement and Iblees will toss about restlessly on it until his life will be taken out.

It will then be sent to Adam [AS] and Hawa [AS] to have a peep and see their enemy being in such a state of disgrace at the time of his death. They will take a look and become happy saying, "O Allah! You have fulfilled Your favour unto us." [Rowdatus Saaliheen]

Our Original Dwelling

And We said, "O Adam! Dwell you and your wife in paradise and eat, both of you, freely with pleasure and delight, of things therein as where ever you will, but come not near this tree or you both will be from the wrong-doers." [Baqara, 2:35]

After the creation of Hazrat Adam [AS] and Hawa [AS], they were both advised to live in Jannah. Their stay was made very comfortable in terms of any need, movement and want. However, they were restricted from ever stepping near a certain tree. It is understood from this
Ayah that Jannah is our original home, but if we are disobedient to the laws of Allah Ta'ala then it will not be our place of dwelling.

The instruction given to both of them is not to go near this tree, let alone eating the fruit from it. Similarly evil deeds, acts of transgression and disobedience to Almighty Allah are the examples of this tree. Never go towards sin otherwise you will be thrown out of Jannah. Train the mind and body to always dispel evil and sin at all times.

Moulana Ahmad Kathrada

Darul Ihsan Islamic Services Centre

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