23 January 2020   26. Jumad-ul-Ula 1441
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Hajj – Special Rewards

 It is every Haji’s desire to return home earning a Hajj-e-Mabroor and a Hajj-e- Maqbool --- meaning an accepted Hajj.

An accepted Hajj is defined in the example of a mother giving birth to her newborn infant. That children are born sinless, is part of our belief-system. Hence the Hãji returns home sinless --- his return home is endorsed by all his sins being forgiven.

In order to achieve this status, Jabir bin Abdullah (رضي الله عنه) reports from Nabi (Salallahu Alayhi wa Sallam) that : “A Hajj-e-Mabroor has no reward, except Jannah.” Thereafter it was asked of Nabi (Salallahu Alayhi wa Sallam): “What is the reward of Hajj?” (Meaning --- How is a Hajj-e-Mabroor achieved?) Nabi (Salallahu Alayhi wa Sallam) replied: “Feed the people (during Hajj) and have (only) good words to say?” (Tibrani)

Feeding, for the pleasure of Allah Ta’ala is indeed much loved by Allah Ta’ala carries immense rewards. Generosity indicates greatness of one’s heart and removes hardness and ill-feelings. Gentle soft and kind words are traits of a remarkable character. At all cost quarreling and abusive language and behaviour should be avoided during Hajj.

That Haji who fulfils the :

1. arkaan (principles) of Hajj;
2. all sunnah-procedures and prescribed rituals of Hajj; and
3. keeps alive the two most desirable characteristics of feeding and speaking kind words; then his/her Hajj could be classified as a Hajj-e-Maqbool and a Hajj-e-Mabroor. (Insha Allah)

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