08 April 2020   14. Sha'aban 1441
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Is bodybuilding allowed in Islam

Q: Kindly advise if participation in bodybuilding allowed in Islam?

A: Any act of physical fitness to promote the well-being of the body and health is permissible and rewarding if done with a good intention of self-defence, helping others and uplifting Islam.

In principle, bodybuilding and weight lifting can be practiced provided one remains within the Islamic confines. However, conventional bodybuilding, it seems, require a person to take various supplements and medication that may not be beneficial for one’s health in the long term. Any supplement or substance that could pose to be harmful should be avoided. Additionally, the activity should not lead a person to an environment which is unislamic or to expose the areas of one’s body that must be covered. The objective should not be to show off one’s physique or to compete with others in the sport.

And Allah Knows Best

Darul Ihsan Fatwa Dept

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