19 February 2020   24. Jumad-us-Thaani 1441
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Dream Interpretations

Dream Interpretations (1)

Thursday, 20 September 2007 14:29

Calamity in Pakistan

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Dream - I just had a dream before waking for sehri - could it please be interpretated. it is as follows.

I was sitting with a pakistani moulana (who lives in S.Africa) in a car along with other friends of mine. The moulana  was driving and taking us to his business premises where he had invited us to have iftaar.

As we entered the driveway of this place, he told me to read Surah Ikhlaas. I read it many times, perhaps about 10 times before the dream had ended. After each completion of surah ikhlaas, he instructed me to make the qalqalah of the last letter of the surah properly. (ie the echoeng sound of the letter 'daal' of the word 'ahad' at the end of surah ikhlaas. Although I got it right on the second/ third time I recited the surah, the moulana still instructed me to repeat the surah after each completion. my dream had ended in this manner, after reciting surah ikhlaas about 10 times.


Interpretation - The dream indicates towards some calamity befalling Pakistan. May Allah protect Pakistan and its people. Sincere taubah and Lots of Istighfaar, dua and khairaat should be undertaken by the people of Pakistan to divert calamities.

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