29 March 2020   4. Sha'aban 1441
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Thursday, 12 July 2012 11:58

Egypt: Parliament opens its doors

Egyptian Security forces allowed MPs to enter parliament's headquarters on Monday following a presidential decree that reinstated the dissolved People's Assembly on Sunday.

According to the official website of the Freedom and Justice Party, half of the military forces who had been present earlier to secure the People's Assembly (parliament's lower house) have returned to their barracks, while the other half will remain to maintain for security.

There had been a heightened military presence to prevent any MP from entering the parliamentary premises after the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) had ordered the dissolution of the People's Assembly following a High Constitutional Court (HCC) ruling deeming it unconstitutional.

In a surprise move on Sunday, the newly elected president Mohamed Morsi declared that the lower house of parliament will be reinstated revoking the SCAF's earlier decision.

Meanwhile, parliamentary speaker Saad El-Katatni has called for a general parliamentary session to take place on Tuesday.

Following Morsi’s decree both the SCAF and the HCC held an emergency meeting to discuss the developments. However, no statement related to Morsi’s decision has been released.

Morsi and members of the SCAF met early Monday at the armed forces graduation ceremony during which the head of the military council Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi welcomed the new president.

Source: Al Ahram

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