21 April 2019   15. Sha'aban 1440
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Saturday, 29 June 2013 09:10

Darul Uloom Zakariyya makes global inroads

In an accurate reflection of changing dynamics at one of South Africa’s premium institutions of Islamic Higher Learning, a third of Ulama who graduated this weekend at the Darul Uloom Zakariyya (Lenasia, South Africa) were citizens of countries other than South Africa.

Attendees of the Darul Uloom’s 23rd annual Khatme Bukhari and Jalsa ceremony on Sunday were exposed to the array of backgrounds students which included those who emanated from far flung regions of Russia and South America.

In his annual principal’s report, Rector Moulana Shabeer Saloojee, highlighted the rewards that could be reaped simply by aiming big, and illustrated the impressive inroads previous graduates of the institution had been making both locally and abroad. In particular he cited the efforts of an Aalim graduate of the Darul Uloom that had set up the ‘first’ Islamic primary education Maktab in Germany.

Of the 66 students who completed their formal Aalim course, 21 were from international locations.

Tendering advice to graduates, Moulana Shabeer said Ulama should become active players in their communities and not become insulated from the socio-economic conditions that surrounded them. Commenting on widespread poverty and economic disparity in South Africa, he said it was imperative that Ulama incorporated an outreach function in their institutions and Masaajid, and consider the establishment of feeding schemes in their communities to assist indigent households and schools.

He also stressed on inter-Ulama unity, warning against the pitfalls of jealousy and small minded debate amongst scholars. While advocating a course that remains true to the principles of the pious predecessors (Akabireen), he said Ulama should also learn to respect scholarly views at odds with their own. The greatest harm of disunity amongst Ulama, he said, was the role it played in widening the gap between Ulama and ordinary people.

The senior Aalim also spoke of contemporary developments in the Islamic world and warned of a co-ordinated campaign to exterminate members of the Ahlus Sunnah in Syria.

Source: Cii

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