29 January 2020   3. Jumad-us-Thaani 1441
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Teen Love? (Poetry)

Teen Love?

by Ahmed

The day outside at lunch looked rather nice

So I take a walk in the park to get some excercise

When much to my surprise I see a hijabi and a guy

Committing zina openly, right under the open sky

As I walk along the path they cease with shame

After I have passed they continue all the same

Its sad though, they stopped for only human me

Yet remain aloof of the All-Seeing, Allah Almighty

Whom we will have to answer to on Judgement day

When each of our actions He will survey

The decision, to jannah or jahannam, will take place

Ask yourself now, which one is it that you chase?

You fool yourself that this maybe love

Ask them to marry and see how you get the shove

For it is only lust at your tender age

And with the devil you both engage

So stop these shenanigans and open your eyes

The true purpose of life come to realise

Yourself, from sins and evil of zina do save

Before its too late and you are already in the grave

Stop, turn to Allah and sincerely repent

Mend your ways and follow Jannah's scent!

This poem reflects what I actually experienced yesterday.



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