29 January 2020   3. Jumad-us-Thaani 1441
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A Bad Death (Poetry)

A Bad Death

by Ahmed

My time has come quickly so

I thought I had ages left to go

I liked to look slick

Flirting gave me the ‘kick’

Out I went to just chill

With my mates for that buzz and thrill

But along with them little I did know

That from Islam I was distancing myself slow

Like this my Imaan did fade

In sins I began to wade

Death has come around for us

Now I want to catch the Islam bus

Sadly it is too late

I am to suffer the worst fate

Death will come to me with pain

The Shaykhs past warnings in vain

I should have taken heed

And without delay started amassing many good deed

My friends take this poem not lightly

Now is the time to take up Islam fully

May Allah save all the Muslimeen from the pains of death



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