29 January 2020   3. Jumad-us-Thaani 1441
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A Good Death (Poetry)

A Good Death

by Ahmed

My time has come quickly so

I thought I had ages left to go

My Lord constantly on my mind

My heart praising the Divine

Punctually 5 times salah I would pray

Reciting Quran I always started my day

The daily duas devotedly memorised

Each opportunity they were utilised

Showing kindness to all those I met

Prophet Muhammads (pbuh) teachings I did not forget

In this way my Imaan became strong

So Allah would save me from doing wrong

And when I did do any bad deed

I would repent sincerely with great speed

Asking Allah for a clean sheet

The Masjid my frequent retreat

Listening to the Shaykhs true advice

I acted on it without even blinking twice

Death will come to me like a nice breeze

The angels take my soul with ease

May Allah give all the Muslimeen death upon Imaan



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