29 January 2020   3. Jumad-us-Thaani 1441
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Judgement Day (Poetry)

Judgement Day

For the final time the trumpet is sounded,

You awake from your grave shocked and dumbfounded,

The day will begin with Allah descending,

This is for real, it aint no pretending

Followed by angels who stand all in rows,

Judgement Day is here, and this is how it goes

The scales of justice will be brought before man,

Now you shall have to explain your whole life span

What you did in the open and what you concealed

From big to small shall today be revealed

Men in shear horror will run to one another

But no one can save you, not even your mother

You're standing there naked as the day you were born

This day would come to be, that Allah has sworn

Your deeds shall today be weighed in a scale

This shall determine if you pass or fail

Heaven and Hell shall be brought into vision

Allah alone shall make the ultimate decision

It¹s all up to you now, make up your mind

See Allah¹s greatness, and don¹t be blind

To all brothers and sisters I'd like to say,

Ask for forgiveness and do that today

Don't be foolish and follow shaitaan,

He's out to strip us of our Imaan

We've lived in this world all so deluded

Finally, I hope in jannah you will all be included.

Posted by ABDUL


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