28 January 2020   2. Jumad-us-Thaani 1441
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I Rest My Fate On Your Mercy

I Rest My Fate On Your Mercy

by J. Malaika Freeland

We all want to be saved
from the demons of this world
We want to fly away
and rest in Your gardens

I've heard it said I only must believe
and I'll be saved.
I've heard it said Your gardens are free
and all are saved.

But belief starts with negation
"There is nothing"
negating all the lies, the false salvation
"There is nothing worthy"
Forbidding our idle striving for damnation
"There is nothing worthy of worship"
Enjoining on us truth of our creation:

"There is nothing worthy of worship but Allah."

Now I've said it, am I saved?
If I live it, am I saved?
No, now I am Your slave.

But a slave who is free
to rest my fate on Your mercy
If You will, I will be saved
and Your Mercy is unchained.

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