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N.B. Rulings are given in accordance with the Hanafi school of thought

Advice to a mother for the holidays

Q: Kindly advise on activities and chores for children in the holidays to help keep them occupied?

A: Parents should plan the time and activities of their children in the holiday constructively. The routine should be a mix of spiritual obligations and exercises, fun, character building and development. Time should be allocated for them to do some household chores (making the bed, tidying the room and cupboards, etc.) to help them appreciate the luxuries they enjoy. Gardening and other such recreational activities may also be considered. The key is to avoid them being idle or involved in wrong doing or joining wrong company. Programs held by reputable organisations that will help to orientate them to develop themselves holistically should also be considered.

Allah Knows Best

Darul Ihsan Fatwa Dept

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