06 July 2020   14. Zul Qadah 1441
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Observations of a few Mutakifeen in Stanger

Observations of a few Mutakifeen in Stanger

I would like to thank Allah (SWT) for granting me the opportunity for this year’s Itikaaf. I would also like to thank all those people that participated in Itikaaf, either directly or indirectly. This was my first time sitting for Itikaaf. Alhamdulillah I feel that I have attained such a tremendous gift. The gift of experiencing the pleasure of making complete Ibadah as well as being in the company of such spiritually pious people that have helped in lifting my status and allowing me closeness to Allah (SWT). The programmes which were presented have developed me in to a better Muslim.

This year, Itikaaf has taught me discipline and has equipped me to keep on the right path. I have learned better time management where Ibadah is concerned. I would like to thank the honourable speakers for imparting their spiritual knowledge. I would also like to thank all the people that provided us with accommodation and the very good food.

I am grateful to be invited for Itikaaf and would like to offer some advice. I enjoyed the programmes but I think that there should be more programmes to fill in the time and more variety of topics. Teamwork should also be implemented for next year, Insha’Allah I look forward to the next Itikaaf.

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